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Here are a few of my plays.




(5W, 1M), 120 MINS

Three moms, a stay-at-home dad, and a nanny watch their kids play at Mommy-Baby Meetup. One mom is the queen bee and one is here to shake things up. The dad just wants to fit in, and the nanny doesn’t say a word. When catastrophe comes, the five of them have to figure out how to survive a war and each other. MOTHERS examines the primal heartache of raising children in a disintegrating world.

World Premiere: The Playwrights Realm, September-October 2019
Workshops: Kennedy Center's MFA Playwrights Workshop
UC San Diego

Sin Eaters


(1M, 1F), 80 mins

Mary is a “content moderator,” one of the unseen people who scrub our social media feeds of violent, sexual, and otherwise disturbing imagery. As she goes deeper and deeper into the dark rabbit hole of unfiltered human depravity that is the internet, she finds a graphic video that makes her question her relationship, her sanity, and her own capacity for violence. By plunging us into a job where technology meets drudgery, SIN EATERS examines how our daily toil transforms our perceptions of ourselves and those around us.

World Premiere: Local Theater Co., April-May 2020
Workshop: UC San Diego

Man of God


(4W, 1M), 90 MINS

During a mission trip to Bangkok, the four members of a Korean Christian girls’ youth group discover that their revered pastor has hidden a camera in their hotel bathroom. Samantha is personally wounded that Pastor would do this to her. Jen is worried about how this might affect her college applications. Mimi’s out for blood, as usual. And Kyung-Hwa thinks everyone needs to have lower expectations for men. Their communal rage and disillusionment fuel increasingly violent revenge fantasies amidst the no-holds-barred neon bubblegum sex-tourism mecca of Bangkok. MAN OF GOD is a funny feminist thriller about that moment when girls realize the male gaze has been watching all along—and decide they’re definitely gonna do something about it.

World Premiere: East West Players, January-February 2019
Productions: InterAct Theatre Company, January-February 2020

100 Days of Darkness


(2F), 70 MINS

The first three months of a baby’s life are also known as the fourth trimester, the time when a helpless newborn baby is adjusting to life outside the womb. For parents, these months constitute 100 days of darkness. No sleep. No personal space. No alone time. Nearly no time with one’s spouse without a screaming baby in arms. This play is every moment Bruna and Jan spend together without their new baby during those 100 days, as they adjust to their new identities as Mamas and struggle to find their footing as a couple.

Birds of North America


(1M, 1F), 90 mins

John and his daughter Caitlyn are birders. As they scan the skies over their backyard in suburban Maryland looking for elusive birds, years go by.  Relationships begin and end. Children grow up and parents age. The climate and the world change in small and vast ways. BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA takes a close look at the relationship of a father and daughter over the course of a decade as they struggle to understand the parts of one another that defy understanding.

2017 BETC Generations Award Winner
2017 Kilroys List Honorable Mention
Productions: Boulder Ensemble Studio Theatre
Thrown Stone Theater Company
Theater With A View
Workshop: UC San Diego

Three Kingdoms


(4M, 3W) 2 hrs

Wendy’s father, Han, is arriving on a flight from China. After 40 years of no contact, they have a lot of catching up to do. Wendy has a happy family, a lovely home, and is living the American dream. When Han arrives, however, everyone quickly realizes that picking up where they left off won’t be easy.

2042: See Change Award at East West Players
2015 Kilroys List Honorable Mention



(3F, 4M), 90 min

In the sandy hills of China’s Loess Plateau, a farming couple mourns the death of their only son. Their search for an illegal afterlife bride is complicated by the fact that before his death their son committed an act of horrifying violence, leaving them outcasts in their community. Told with actors and life-sized puppets, HUNGER explores the boundary between life and death and the friction between tradition and progress in contemporary China.

Kilroys List
BRIC Arts Development Residency
The Lark Play Development Center's Playwrights Week
Jerome Foundation Travel Grant



(3M, 1F), 90 mins

Hal is holed up in his camper, perched on the frozen plains of North Dakota’s oil patch. Ben comes by with a 30 rack to watch ESPN. Sue’s reached a breaking point. And Jon shows up with a plan. A story of big dreams, big money, and big machinery in a tiny room.

Workshops: [the claque]'s QUADs Festival, New Georges JamFest

The Pillow Book


(2F, 1M), 80 min

Deb and John are married. Deb and John are strangers. Deb saves John's life on a mountain. John blinds Deb on the Serengeti. John works at an office. John works at a different office. Deb is a doctor, or an exterminator. The Pillow Book is a journey through the real, the imagined, the absurd, and the parallel.

Productions: 59E59 (produced by Firework Theater), Cohesion Theatre Company

In Quietness


(3F, 2M), 90 min

A former consultant follows her born-again husband to a Southern Baptist seminary. There she enrolls as a student at the Homemaking House, the nation's premier training ground for future homemakers and a place where marital bliss means never having to say thank you for cleaning the toilet.

Productions: WalkerSpace (produced by Dutch Kills Theater Company), Indiana University of PA
Workshop: Ensemble Studio Theatre's Unfiltered Series

Freedom House


(3F, 4M) 2 hrs

When a group of friends graduate from college, they decide to ditch the crappy job market, cramped 5th floor walkups, and their smart phones in favor of founding an isolated, freegan utopia in an abandoned house in the woods.  It’s going about as well as could be expected when something happens…something that very well could be the apocalypse. They'd know for sure, if only they could Google it.

Commissioned by NYU Tisch
Production: NYU Tisch

Great Eastern


(2F, 2M), 90 min

Every 17 years, the Great Eastern Brood of periodical cicadas swarm the city of Baltimore, molting, soaring, and singing their hearts out in a desperate mating ritual of apocalyptic proportions. Entomologists Cora and Douglass are preparing for the impending cicada emergence when a young lab assistant enters their midst, uncovering a past that all three of them share.

Commissioned by the EST/Sloan Project
Workshop: [the claque]'s QUADs Festival


Published Shorts

Backwards at the Speed of Light

A play for young actors.

(2F, 2M, 11 F/M)
(15-20 actors possible: 2-18 f, 2-18 m)

Three of Earth's finest have set off on the Encounter Mission, a thousand-year journey to the planet Syrnac. In order to survive the long mission, Commander Michaelson, Lieutenant Vega, and Dr. Carmine are "Rebooted" every hundred years into adolescent bodies. But just after their first Reboot, they wake to a message from NASA: the mission has been canceled. Michaelson intends to follow orders and return to Earth, but Dr. Carmine has other plans and wrests control of the ship. A true flight of fancy that explores teamwork, bullying, and courage under pressure.

Published by Playscripts.


The Forest for the Trees

(1F, 2M)

A Forestry student doing field research in Armenia has a one night stand with a really nice guy who turns out to be her worst nightmare.

Published in Plays for Three, Vintage Books.


A Polar Bear in New Jersey

A play for young actors.

(3M, 7F, 4M or F)

A teenage polar bear sets out on her New Jersey. A play that's a little bit about global warming, but mostly about fitting in when you're different. A Polar Bear in New Jersey was presented as part of Keen Teens 2013, a unique and free educational theatre program, run by the Drama Desk and Obie award-winning Keen Company.

Published in Keen Teens, Vol. 1, Samuel French.